I'm not using Wordpress!

Stop trying to hack the site with Wordpress exploits! I'm not using it. If you do not comply, you will be given a cookie!

Lately I've been getting some people (or bots?) trying to hack this site using Wordpress exploits. Then, they'd get a 404 because I'm not even using Wordpress. I used to redirect those people here in an attempt to scare them into thinking I somehow reported them to the FBI and they are going to appear there in a moment. However, this seemed a bit boring, so I made a new page which gives them a cookie instead. Both a little pixel art of a cookie and a browser cookie, plus it contains a little non-literal Easter egg for the persistent wannabe-hackers (I think someone who knows about this stuff would call them script kiddies) who just can't stop trying to gain access to my control panel or whatever there is. I wouldn't know, I never even used Wordpress.

EDIT: I also thought this video would be fitting.

2015-12-12 08:06:00 UTC

Work behind the scenes

Well, I've been doing quite a bit of work behind the scenes with both the main blog and some other stuff on this site. As you can see, posts can now have YouTube videos attached to them. Well, not only videos, but also YouTube playlists, lists of YouTube search results and lists of YouTube videos not in a playlist.

This all handled by something I call an API, but is not. It is basically a file with some functions to make doing thing easier. I plan to be able to add images, image galleries and locally hosted videos with WebVTT to posts.

Oh, in case it has not become clear by now, I am making everything here from scratch, the post storage, processage and readage is all handled by my code written in PHP. No Wordpress or anything like that.

2015-07-11 14:30:00 UTC

Learning! Yay!

When it comes to the Internet, or more specifically the Web, I love learning new things! I used PHP and MySQL for the first time on this website! My only prior contact with PHP was including the header and footer into a web page, and none with MySQL, but I quickly grasped the basic concepts and ideas and managed to create a simple but functional blog-esque site out of it!

The only problems I see are the limitations of free hosting, as neither PHP or MySQL are up to date, and so some of the tutorials show great features I need but can not use. I really do not trust myself enough to do anything with user input, as I am not yet fully aware of the possible exploits and the free hosting plan I am using does not allow me to create MySQL users with fewer permissions. Still, that is the price of free hosting. I do not plan to pay money for a site I'm neither going to make money off of nor anybody will read, because, let's face it, I'm not the most interesting person on the planet. I just like experimenting with things which may actually find me an actual job if I get good at them.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in creating websites to try it, as it can be very fun to stay awake long into the night trying to fix the fact that the goshdarn footer is a pixel too wide creating an annoying scroll bar at the bottom of the screen!

I have made a table in a database with all the posts, a query which will retrieve the newest 10 and put them on the first page. I have even made a simple form for me to write new posts with which uses a modified and simplified version of a few BBcode tags because I'm too lazy to write an actual BBcode interpreter, or whatever that would be called. I am still ironing out some mistakes and adding new features, but the backbone of the website is here!

Also, I will add a contact form in the future so you can write to me, but please don't spam it. KTHXBYE.

2015-04-06 12:17:00 UTC


Welcome, Google Bot! Alright, you may be a visitor made out of living cells or you may be some other crawler, but I think Google Bot will be my only visitor for a while. This will be my website where I'll be putting stuff about myself and stuff I've done.

I am a bit of a nerd. I like to experiment with technology. I like CSS, HTML, JavaScript and stuff.

This website was written by me completely from scratch. Maybe not completely, as I have had a template/working prototype since 2013, but that prototype was written solely by me and that was truly from scratch. That is why you will find it is made badly if you look at the code. I could do a lot better. If you are a web designer, or any designer for that matter, please don't pull your hair out. Just because you are a designer, it does not mean that you can expect random people who have not had any experience with design to make a perfect website. I'd much rather have you give me some little tips once I set up some method of writing to me. Same goes for any other professions. If you find something broken, make sure to write to me, too.

2015-04-05 21:23:00 UTC