Online Notakto by Borka223


How to play

In Notakto both players play X and either can use the other one's marks to complete a three‑in‑a‑row. Notakto can be played on one board like regular Tic‑tac‑toe, or on multiple boards simultaneously.

When playing on one board, whoever gets three‑in‑a‑row, loses. When playing on multiple boards, completing three‑in‑a‑row on a board puts that board out of play (it is called "dead") and no more moves can be made on it. The person who completes a three‑in‑a‑row on the last remaining board, loses. There are no draws in this game!

To play this version, select a number of boards and pick if you want to play first or if you'd rather have the AI play first. After the game has started, click a square on a board to make your move. Continue making moves untill all the boards are dead.

On an odd number of boards, whoever goes first will win if they play, and on an even number of boards, whoever goes second will win, provided they play optimally. The AI always plays optimally when it is possible to do so.

Turning cheat‑o‑vision on will show you optimal moves you can make. If there are none highlighted, then either you played suboptimally or the starting conditions were unfavourable.