I'm not using Wordpress!

Stop trying to hack the site with Wordpress exploits! I'm not using it. If you do not comply, you will be given a cookie!

Lately I've been getting some people (or bots?) trying to hack this site using Wordpress exploits. Then, they'd get a 404 because I'm not even using Wordpress. I used to redirect those people here in an attempt to scare them into thinking I somehow reported them to the FBI and they are going to appear there in a moment. However, this seemed a bit boring, so I made a new page which gives them a cookie instead. Both a little pixel art of a cookie and a browser cookie, plus it contains a little non-literal Easter egg for the persistent wannabe-hackers (I think someone who knows about this stuff would call them script kiddies) who just can't stop trying to gain access to my control panel or whatever there is. I wouldn't know, I never even used Wordpress.

EDIT: I also thought this video would be fitting.

2015-12-12 08:06:00 UTC