Learning! Yay!

When it comes to the Internet, or more specifically the Web, I love learning new things! I used PHP and MySQL for the first time on this website! My only prior contact with PHP was including the header and footer into a web page, and none with MySQL, but I quickly grasped the basic concepts and ideas and managed to create a simple but functional blog-esque site out of it!

The only problems I see are the limitations of free hosting, as neither PHP or MySQL are up to date, and so some of the tutorials show great features I need but can not use. I really do not trust myself enough to do anything with user input, as I am not yet fully aware of the possible exploits and the free hosting plan I am using does not allow me to create MySQL users with fewer permissions. Still, that is the price of free hosting. I do not plan to pay money for a site I'm neither going to make money off of nor anybody will read, because, let's face it, I'm not the most interesting person on the planet. I just like experimenting with things which may actually find me an actual job if I get good at them.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in creating websites to try it, as it can be very fun to stay awake long into the night trying to fix the fact that the goshdarn footer is a pixel too wide creating an annoying scroll bar at the bottom of the screen!

I have made a table in a database with all the posts, a query which will retrieve the newest 10 and put them on the first page. I have even made a simple form for me to write new posts with which uses a modified and simplified version of a few BBcode tags because I'm too lazy to write an actual BBcode interpreter, or whatever that would be called. I am still ironing out some mistakes and adding new features, but the backbone of the website is here!

Also, I will add a contact form in the future so you can write to me, but please don't spam it. KTHXBYE.

2015-04-06 12:17:00 UTC