Welcome, Google Bot! Alright, you may be a visitor made out of living cells or you may be some other crawler, but I think Google Bot will be my only visitor for a while. This will be my website where I'll be putting stuff about myself and stuff I've done.

I am a bit of a nerd. I like to experiment with technology. I like CSS, HTML, JavaScript and stuff.

This website was written by me completely from scratch. Maybe not completely, as I have had a template/working prototype since 2013, but that prototype was written solely by me and that was truly from scratch. That is why you will find it is made badly if you look at the code. I could do a lot better. If you are a web designer, or any designer for that matter, please don't pull your hair out. Just because you are a designer, it does not mean that you can expect random people who have not had any experience with design to make a perfect website. I'd much rather have you give me some little tips once I set up some method of writing to me. Same goes for any other professions. If you find something broken, make sure to write to me, too.

2015-04-05 21:23:00 UTC