Technobins Changelog

v 1.4

  • Added option to use own music with a YouTube video ID in the ?v= query parameter, e.g. ?v=fhyhP_5VfKM
  • Changed music

The default music was changed for the same reason as last time. However, I couldn't be bothered to re-sync the animations. Not sure how useful the custom music feature is, because all the animations are synched to the music from version 1.3.

2017-02-14 08:36 UTC

v 1.3

  • Changed music

The old music that was here from the very beginning got blocked in certain countries on YouTube due to, you've guessed it, a copyright claim. I am actually surprised it did not come sooner. Anyway, the new music was found the same way the old one was; by searching "techno music" on Google and choosing the first video result.

2015-07-22 21:26 UTC

v 1.2

  • Added logo beating animation
  • Added version display
  • Cropped blank part of bins, making the rotation much nicer
  • Modified colour cycle colours
  • Modified colour cycle timing
  • Rewritten bin animations
  • Rewritten bin positioning
  • Removed bin offset

Many animations were entirely rewritten in this version. I have wanted to crop the bins since the very beginning, and it was something planned for v 1.0, but I only managed to do it now. The cropping made the bin animations much better. I also experimented with different interpolation methods for the bins. Linear gives some sort of rotational bounce, where ease-in-out gave them a robotic rocking motion, which reminds me of the robots in this video at 0:53.

I feel like this is probably the last version where features will be added. From now on I'll try to only tweak features and remove them if I think that there is too much.

2015-05-26 21:09 UTC

v 1.1

  • Added logo
  • Added colour cycle
  • Added title text in background
  • Added page title in head
  • Added bin bounce animation
  • Tweaked bin rotation animation

This version is a huge step towards the ideal look of TECHNOBINS. This was the first remotely polished version.

2015-05-26 10:25 UTC